Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Little Bit of Love

We had a bit of oops and uh-oh's around here yesterday. After suffering needlessly for long enough, I decided to go to the doctor for some relief (my friends will be astonished. Yes, I actually went to the doctor. And yes, I do have friends. I think.) The doctor diagnosed a severe sinus infection, and prescribed blessed healing in the form of Amoxycilan. I have to take it three times a day, so by yesterday evening, I was already starting to feel a little better. This morning, I felt REALLY rested, but the reason for that was revealed when I rolled over and got a better look at the last pill I had taken - Vicodin.

Yes. Vicodin. I wouldn't recommend it for colds or sinus infections. Or for pregnant women.

This little case of major oops occurred because I asked Handyman to bring me my medicine from off of the piano, and he got this stuff from who knows where. Then, doofus me didn't think to actually read the bottle to insure that my dear Handyman wasn't trying to kill me. Right now I'm desperately trying to remain calm, and wait for a slightly more decent hour so I can panic for real and call my midwife. (If there is a silver lining to this, it's that I only took one pill. 500 milligrams, yes, but only one pill. Must. Think. Positive.)

However, I'm sure that the rest of you out there don't want to hear more convoluted whining, so here's a cute picture of my slightly ill little boy. While I don't ever want my babies to be sick, Peter is such a good little thing when he's ill. He just sits on the couch and stares off into space, no doubt dreaming about dinosaurs or sharks or some other ferocious creature. (He's actually staring off into nothing right now . . .)

My wonderful plans for knitting on Tuesday night came to naught, as grocery shopping took me too long and I was too tired when I came home, but yesterday morning I got a little start on the Zig Zag Socks that I'm going to test-knit for Anne. The cat really got a kick out of my yarn swift!

I really exercised a HUMUNGOUS amount of self-control, and determined to finish Banna-Boo's quilt before I started another project (winding the yarn doesn't count as starting another project. It doesn't. Really.) I got it done! Woo-hoo! I'm very, VERY pleased with how it came out, too.

Did you hear that? I'm actually happy with something I finished! Ack! (Hmmm, I must be suffering after-effects of Vicodin.)

Little Miss Boo was very happy to snuggle into her plump quilt, and I actually got her to go to bed an hour early, because she was so enamored with her new blanket!

Well, Happy Valentine's Day to all of you out there! Hope your day is a special one, filled with lots of love from the people who care about you!