Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bee Fields - Done! (Well, sort of)

I can't believe I'm actually done knitting the Bee Fields Shawl! It's my first "official" shawl, and is probably the most difficult thing I've ever knit. One thing I'm starting to discover with knitting, is that none of it is actually "difficult", but some things take more concentration. Thus, I like to classify things as "medi-con", "high-con" etc. (i.e. medium concentration and high concentration, respectively). This shawl is DEFINITELY a "high-con".

I still have to wash and block it, and I'm very excited about how it will look afterwards, as I've been told that lace blocks to an amazing degree. We shall see!

This is the bottom section, entitled "Bee in Field" on the pattern. I think this was my favorite section of the three. The color here in this photo is pretty accurate, as well as the color in the above picture. The bottom two photos aren't quite green enough, although I did try to doctor them up a bit. Didn't work.

This is the "Bee swarm", and the part that gave me such pains during my first foolish attempt to knit this. (Click on link to re-read how dumb I can be about my knitting.)

Finally, this is the "Honeycomb" section (I think. Can't remember exactly right now). I liked this part because it was the easiest and fastest to knit. Of course, the shawl was only about 200 stitches per row at this point, as opposed to the 500+ stitches at the "Bee in Fields" section.

I'm hoping to get this pinned on my new blocking boards this afternoon. I'll post pictures of it post-blocking later! Can't wait!