Friday, February 22, 2008

Keeping Buzzzzzy

If you've checked my list of projects on Ravelry, you'll have noticed that I have two WiP's languishing there. Well, I'd like to happily state that no longer do I have two languishing WiP's. I just have one. (We won't mention that one. It's a sweater for me, which is completely pointless, because as I'm pregnant, it wouldn't fit past my . . . well, um, it wouldn't fit.)

The Bee Fields Shawl is now back on the needles, and enjoying a much-needed knit after so much time in the I'm-not-happy-with-you-so-I'm-ignoring-you bag. For some reason, although I've 1) never knit a shawl before (well, okay, so I've knit a large glorified dishcloth, but that doesn't count), and 2) I've never knit with lace-weight yarn before, I arrogantly thought that I would be able to memorize the pattern and didn't need to use any stitch markers. At all.

Please feel free to gasp in horror and cover your eyes with your current knitting project. Yes, it's truly that terrible.

I got through the first two major sections before I hit a major hitch, and then, wowee, was it ever major. It was a "Major Whoopsies", as we like to say around here (in lieu of more vivid swear words. We do have two impressionable toddlers in the house, after all, and swearing is *usually* confined to "Oh Bother" a-la Winnie the Pooh and "Dratty Watty".)

In tears and vexation, I had to rip. Rip, rip, rip. It wouldn't really have been all that much to rip out, but because I was so stupid and arrogant (see second paragraph for reminder of stupidity), I also didn't put in any lifelines. I was back to nearly square one - hours and hours of work, wasted.

Well, after completing Anne's wonderful Zig Zag socks (oh, yes, I did manage to get them done, and I did manage to figure out a proper short-row heel. Thanks very much for all the nice people who left a comment about that. Silly me forgot to take pictures before I mailed them back to Anne. Dratty Watty!), I remembered how much I really love her patterns. One ambitious evening, heavily fortified with strong tea, I picked up the Bee Fields Shawl and started again.

Basically, after many more hours of work, I'm *almost* back to the section that stumped me before. This time, however, I'm using my arsenal of stitch markers (thanks so much, Danielle! I'm using up every single one!), and I plan to install a lifeline of epic proportions when I finish this section. This is why I'm using an old picture. Although I've been working away, busy as a bee (couldn't resist the pun. Sorry. Well, okay, so I'm not sorry.), I've really nothing new to show.

So this entire post has been me blathering that I've been busy, with nothing new to show for it.

Hmmmm. I've been wasting your time, haven't I? Oh well, that's nothing new, ha ha!