Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cowl or Scowl?

I've been busily working away on one of my starter-itis WiP's (which my friend Danielle hilariously entitles "WiP-a-liscious"). It's the Too-Cute Cowl Neck from a Better Homes and Gardens knitting book that I got from the library.

I'm using some Plymouth Encore yarn from my stash, and I'm not entirely sure if I'm happy with the way this variegated yarn is turning out. The color in this picture here is pretty accurate.

I've knitted the entire back and the front and sewn them together, as well as knitted the cowl. I can't decide on the cowl neck. I know I bound off too tightly, so hopefully if I do it again with a looser stitch, it'll fall more naturally. Hmm . . .

Of course, I can't seem to leave things well enough alone, so I made a few modifications like lengthening and adding a cable up the front center.

I'm actually very pleased with the center cable. I wasn't sure if a cable would show up with this variegated yarn, but I was able to find a simple enough braid that seems to "pop" quite nicely.

I've done quite a lot of frogging with this pattern, mostly because 1) my math didn't quite work out as I had envisioned (no surprise there!) or 2) because the original cable I chose didn't look quite right.

The cable pulled the front part of the pullover a little smaller, so I'm really hoping blocking will help. Anyone know if 25% wool 75% acrylic will block?

Now just to do the sleeves!

So, honest opinions, please. What do you think of this pullover? (You won't hurt my feelings, as I'm completely on the fence with this). Should I just frog the whole thing and give it up? Handyman says it looks like a camouflaged pullover, but then, he's never been good with colors or fashion, so I'm not relying on his input all that much.