Monday, April 7, 2008

Easter Catch-up

Hmmm, I've had these Easter pictures on file for awhile now (hee hee, that rhymes, but that's beside the point . . .), and I'm just now getting around to blogging them. It's been at least ten years since I've dyed eggs, so this was a lot of fun for me as well as the kids. Notice their newest outfits - trash bag smocks!

I still have four boxes of Easter Egg dye left, but I'm planning on using them as a craft project any time that I need to make boiled eggs. Besides, my kids LOVE boiled eggs.

I think Banna-Boo and Peter each ate at least 8 boiled eggs in three days. They would have eaten more, but I thought there must be some limits . . .

I found that this was a good way to reinforce what Miss Boo has already learned about colors. She's getting better with her colors, but she's still much quicker with numbers for some reason (Yes, yes, she inherited her genius for math from me. Yeah. Right.)

On Easter Sunday we got together with a few more of the L------- clan at the Patriarchal House (i.e. Andy's parents' house, ha ha!) Even though it was very cold outside, Pops wanted to take the kids for a traditional tractor ride. Of course, the kids were wild for that, despite the chilly wind.

Poor Miss Boo - she was so excited to go on the wagon with Daddy, but she was so worn out from the playing that she fell asleep almost immediately. She was so disappointed when she woke up to find that the tractor ride was all over! I guess that puts a new perspective on, "You snooze, you loose!"

On other knitting news, I've finished the Cowl-Neck pullover, and today I plan to wash and block it. It's only got 25% wool in the yarn, but I want to try blocking anyway to see if it works. Thanks so much for all the sweet comments and advice. I'll try to post finished pictures tonight or tomorrow!