Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring Gardening

We haven't actually planted anything in our garden yet, but Handyman borrowed the rototiller from his dad and used it to churn up the soil in preparation for our annual Mammoth Garden Planting.

Rototilling is a very easy chore. It's similar to harnessing the potential energy from 24 screaming toddlers who have been feasting on chocolate bars and cotton candy, and then trying to get them to walk in a straight row. Handyman really enjoys this chore. I enjoy watching him work, thankful I don't have the energy to attempt such a chore. My job is to yell encouragement and take embarrassing photos.

Peter likes to pretend he's a ferocious sharp-tooth (i.e. T-Rex) dinosaur. That's why he's making such a funny pose - he's snarling and stomping ferociously. Apparently my daughter feels the need to defend herself from such ferociousness, because she's expertly wielding a 12 foot long stick that she found from who knows where.

I'm betting on the stick.

Although, on second consideration, "sharp-tooth" dinosaurs can be very sneaky and attack from behind.

I do enjoy complaining about life here in the Frigid North, but I have to admit, it does have its advantages. Just look at that soil! All you Southern gardeners that have to wrestle with sandy red clay, feast your eyes on this and envy!

Yum-yum, the plants say! (Speaking of "yum-yum", that dark soil looks rather like chocolate . . . Okay, this pregnant woman is off to find some chocolate . . . . will write more later . . . )