Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dancing with Dolly

My kids just LOVE listening to Dolly Parton's music, especially her more upbeat songs. When I need to wear them out, I just put her music on and the kids start wiggling and hopping around the room in a toddler's expression of "dance".
Their ultimate favorite song is "Jolene", a song about a woman begging a hussy named "Jolene" to leave her husband alone. First of all, I cannot relate to this woman (not Jolene, the other woman), because the desperation in her voice is not in my character. If Handyman ever "talked about Jolene in his sleep" the man would never wake again and they'd find bits of him all over the state.

Then I'd head out for Jolene's place with a CD player, rope, and my three kids in tow. I'd follow Guantanamo Bay procedures and make her listen to Barney the Purple Dinosaur for 24 hours non-stop. (Don't believe me? Read the link. They really did it. It just goes to show our government will stop at nothing.) By then she'd be screaming for mercy.

I should know, as I myself have been put under this same torture by my two darling oldest children.

As my Mum once said, "I used to be a nice person before I had kids". I never new what limits I could sink to!