Thursday, July 31, 2008

Either Very Brave or Totally Insane

After much praying and hoping, my SiL Rachel had her beautiful baby girl Grace Elizabeth via C-section. Since having one's tummy slit in two and then removing a 7 pound baby from one's innards is not anyone's idea of fun times, I decided to try to help my sweet SiL as much as I can. She's an independent sort, but after much finagling I got her to loan me her three oldest kids for the day.

First we headed out to Golden Corral, which won out over Pizza Hut by a vote of three to one, with Peter and Banna's vote not counting at all. Gabe just waved both hands, so he was a non-committal voter. His food pretty much tastes the same by the time it gets to him anyway, so he doesn't much care.

As I walked into the restaurant, it crossed my mind that a lot of the people in the place must think I have six children. Apparently, it did cross several people's minds, because a few of them stopped over to chat and ask about the kids, mention how good they were, and find out whose kids were whose. It was easy to distinguish mine from my SiL's children, because mine had food all over themselves. (That's our family resemblance - food all over the clothing . . .)

Imagine my utter astonishment and surprise when I found out that one of the elderly ladies I had been talking to paid our entire bill! How sweet! Either she was very impressed or had lots of pity. I'm thinking it's the pity, ha ha! All joking aside, what that lady did really blessed my heart. Random acts of kindness are wonderful things to give and receive!

After eating, we had a quick run to the library, and then we headed to the gym to swim in the pool for a few hours. My gym has a really nice indoor pool that's also nice and warm. The kids seemed to have a lot of fun splashing around and playing together. Breanna enjoyed bossing her older cousin Mahaela around. I think my daughter saw Mahaela as some sort of human slave/life buoy that was at her beck and call. Mahaela was very good natured about the whole thing, thankfully. Sadly, I stupidly left my camera in the car, so I didn't get to take any pictures. On second thought, though, I can just imagine my camera getting sloshed into the pool by one of my "helpful" children, so perhaps it's best I forgot it after all . . .

I just got back home after dropping off my nephews and niece, and I've put the kids to bed for their afternoon naps. I think Peter will be out cold for a couple of hours, but Banna boo might give me problems. She's in a terrifically foul mood because she fell asleep just before we got home and she woke up just before I got her into her bed. I tell ya, my children turn into MONSTERS if they're low on sleep.

They must get that from Handyman. I am an angel at all hours of the day.

Heh, heh.