Friday, July 25, 2008

These are some socks that I knitted for my Auntie Erna as a "thank you" for coming to take care of me after Baby Gabe was born. (I made a pair of socks for my Mum, too.) They're Spa Socks knitted with one skein of Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton. It's a great way to use up that spare skein of worsted weight yarn, or to use expensive yarn on a project that doesn't require too much of it.

Here's a picture of Baby Gabe, just because he's cute.

Here's a picture of Miss Banna-boo being her usual snarky self.

On tuesdays, the library in town has a "movie" afternoon and they give out free bags of popcorn for the kids. This is a treat for my oldest two, because I'm a cheapskate and never take them to the theater.

On this day, I had three more children in tow, since I was watching my friend Kari's oldest three. It really wasn't any extra trouble because they're very good. Surprisingly, it was Gabe that was the fussy one. I can't believe he didn't sleep the whole time! He always sleeps!

What do you think, did Peter enjoy it?

Banna-boo only cared about the popcorn.