Friday, August 8, 2008

Banna, Bags, and Snarky-ness

I should just re-name my blog something like "obsessive compulsive crafter", because it seems that I tend to obsess about different crafts every other month. Right now I'm on a bag kick (did you notice? I thought so.)

However, this bag is NOT going in my etsy store, as it is being set aside for a Christmas present. It's another felted bag of my own design. I have to say, now that this is my second felting attempt, I'm not a fan of felting. It looks okay, I suppose, but it just seems wrong to go through all that knitting to knit a HUMONGOUS bag, and then put it in the wash and shrink it. Rather like cleaning the kitchen when it's just going to get messy again . . .

I've lined it with some left-over navy blue fabric from my stash. (Yesssss, I have a fabric stash, too. Everything is neatly organized by color in plastic totes, which I obsess about too. I love plastic totes . . . I think I need a life . . . perhaps after the children are grown in 20 years. . .)

This time for the handles I used a buckle sort of thing with sewn fabric handles. I like it because it added a little hardware to an overly-fabricated bag. Banna (Breanna) obligingly posed for a modeled shot with my bag. She's such a snarky little diva. I've already told Handyman to budget extra for this one, because she's already got an addiction for shoes, purses, clothes, and talking on the phone.

Help! Anyone want to adopt her when she's a more-snarky teenager? I'll take her back afterwards.

Just kidding.

For now.

I might change my mind when I see what they've destroyed while I've been on the computer . . .