Friday, August 8, 2008


More bagging. Yes, more. Thankfully, I think I'm getting a little better at sewing bags, so it's taking me less time to get them done and I'm making fewer mistakes (hence, the less time.)

This, however, is my ultimate favorite bag. It's a good thing I've got enough fabric to make two, because otherwise I'd never be able to part with it. Self sacrifice is something that doesn't come easily for me, after all.

I couldn't resist adding wood buttons. Just cuz. I like wood. It makes me feel all natural and at one with the universe and that sort of thing. I just like them, alright? Stop snickering.

This is the best pocket I've ever sewn. It's very roomy, has an elastic edging so stuff won't get lost (and the pocket's not floppy, either. I hate floppy pockets. It's a pet peeve of mine . . . )

The other side of the lining has an elastic loopy thingy (official term, here) to hold bottles, cell phones, wallets, etc. I like elastic. Can you tell?

Cute, huh? Both items.

Only one's for sale, though. I'll let you guess which one.