Sunday, August 10, 2008

Goodies in the Mail and War Correspondent Update

Hmmm, that is an odd title, isn't it? I bet the FBI found my blog! Do you think they're perusing it for terrorist schemes? Hey, it's as good a place to look as any, as I personally believe I have three adorable little terrorists running around all day at my home.

At least, they often terrorize me.

Speaking of terrorists, Handyman was in a absolutely deliriously happy mood when he came home and found . . . .

. . . . he'd finally caught the ground hog.

Mr. Groundhog didn't seem very happy. He looked even more miserable after the torrential downpour we had that evening. I think Handyman was snickering in his sleep all night. Pity and empathy aren't Handyman's strong points. Especially towards groundhogs.

Handyman spent the rest of the evening making sure that I understood that he (Handyman) now had four points more than Mr. Groundhog. I didn't realize how much it irked Handyman when I gave Mr. Groundhog three points and Handyman only one! Apparently now that Handyman has successfully trapped his arch-nemesis, Handyman's confidence in his amazing brain skillz is restored.

Although, as a friend of ours later noted, Mr. Groundhog was released into the wild to fully enjoy the rest of his life in the lap of nature, while Handyman still has to deal with what's left of his garden . . .

I made sure not to pass on this information to Handyman, as I wanted to keep him in a good mood so that I could inform him that I had bought more yarn online.

Now on to the goodies in the mail part of the title . . .

I won something from Jennifer's blog! Look what she sent me. Isn't it great! Not only did she include the yarn she had posted on her blog, but a really nice bag (I like bags. Did you know that? Yes? Oh.) with some MORE yarn! Heee heee, haaa haaa, now I'm REALLY rubbing my hands together in glee . . . . Thanks Jennifer!