Thursday, August 7, 2008

Shop Updates

Hooray, hooray, I sold my first grocery/market bag on my Etsy store! Actually, I sold two, but the second one I sold to my SiL Rachel for cost, so I didn't make any profit on that, but it's still a sale, nonetheless! Hopefully I'll be able to sell more, so that I can have a legitimate excuse to sew more bags to feed my crafting habit, ha ha! Frankly, I make more money per hour teaching music lessons, but since I'm having so much fun doing this as well, why not do both?

This is the newest addition to my Etsy shop, and was by far the most difficult to sew. I never use patterns, because I like to be original (heh, heh, it's really 'cause I'm too impatient to take the time to read the patterns and figure them out in the first place).

It's a reversible handbag with some funky trims and slightly off-set pockets.

I think it turned out pretty cool, and something I wouldn't be ashamed to sell. (I've always resisted trying to sell stuff in the past, because I couldn't justify asking money for something unless it was really done well, at least by my standards.)

I have more stuff to add to the store later, but for now I'm just adding something every few days or so as I have the time.

Ha ha, time! What's that? Ah well, I like being busy!