Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! We got to my parent's house in the Sunny South on Christmas Eve, so we were able to have a nice early start for presents on Christmas Day.

Well, early for us means around noon. My family doesn't move very fast. We Hawaiians have our own time zone, and there's a reason for that. "Hawaiian Time" involves more than datelines.

My younger brother Josh was the drink mixer, and whipped up a fabulous array of Mojitos, Coke and Rums, and some sort of sweet tea that was addicting in the very best sense of the word.
My youngest brother, Nathan, serenaded us with songs by the Beatles and other greats. Nathan has just started playing the piano again after taking a bit of a hiatus from it. He's got a lot of potential and plays very well, but I think he needs to get a wider array of songs to play. "Easy Like Sunday Morning" is one of my favorite songs, but after hearing it 40 times, it wasn't so easy on the ears.
Of course, that could have something to do with the combination of Mojitos and music.

My Opa and Oma came up from their house in Georgia for the day, and it was so much fun sitting with them and catching up. Oma gives the best back rubs ever, so Josh and I always do a bit of maneuvering so that we always end up sitting on either side of her.

They also got to see baby Gabe for the first time. Opa and Gabe sat and checked each other out for a little while.
Gifts were exchanged, and I think everyone liked what they got. I got some great clothes from my parents, the kids were spoiled with more toys than they know what to do with, and my Mum and Dad got their hand knit gifts as well.

I'm so glad my Mum liked her sweater.
I really needed a new picture of her for my blog.


Kit-bert: evil HR Director said...

I really wish I was able to be there for Christmas BUT I was so happy that I got to see you all for New Years!! and wow you did some serious knitting of sweaters this year! I love Mom's sweater but I really REALLY love Angie and baby Michelle's sweater...soo cute - you are so talented! Thanks for my scarf, I love it...maybe if I'm lucky I'll get a personalized sweater one day??? until then I'll drool over Mom and Angie's...hee hee :) I'm so proud of your knitting creations! you rock at that! Hope to see you soon!

Ellen said...

Why do you get such sinister pleasure out of posting the most outrageous pictures of me on the internet??? It must be payback time for me making you wear culottes when you were young! :)

Ellen said...

Why do you get such sinister pleasure out of posting the most outrageous pictures of me on the internet??? It must be payback time for me making you wear culottes when you were young! :)

Kahue said...

We sure had a fun time! Always great when you can get everyone together. A small miracle we were able to get Oma and Opa out for both Christmas and New Years! Rachel did such a wonderful job with all the kniting! My socks fit great and sure is nice around the house when it gets cold! Dad

Ellen said...

Sounds like you've had a wonderful time visiting family for the holidays! I LOVE your Mom's sweater! You are SO talented, Rach, honestly... I always wish we lived closer so you could give me some knitting lessons! LOL (Like I really have time for one more hobby! LOL) Anyway, I'm glad you seemed to have such a wonderful time away with family -- I laughed at your Mom's comment about payback for making you wear culottes! ROFL. Oh, culottes... just thinking about them makes me laugh. Are you home yet?

Praying for you!!

Sereknitty said...

I'm glad you had such a great time over the holidays! I'm just getting caught up with blogs, and see that I've missed a few. Love Gabe's new sweater! Photo of your daughter with her new teacup is just too dear! Afternoon tea is one of my favorite things that I always indulge in when I go back to Scotland -- makes me fee so elegant!

TuttleTime said...

Please upload the pictures to Snapfish. I love all of the pictures you have captured! The one of Mom in her brand new sweater, which is fabulous by the way...is priceless!!!! Must go into my scrapbook! Love you!!!

hakucho said...

Your mom's sweater turned out great!! Glad she likes it. She sure looks terrific in it :)

happy new year :)