Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tea for Two - or Perhaps A Few

Yesterday we went to a tea room, which was definitely an interesting experience. Taking four little kids (my three plus my sister's baby, Michelle) to a room that is packed with fragile, expensive china that is precariously perched on every available surface and shelf is bordering on insane, to say the least.
The place was absolutely packed. I think every table was taken, and there were only three women running the place (1 chef, 1 waitress, and 1 hostess). We were starving when we got there, but the place was so busy, it took almost an hour before we got our food.
Thankfully, it was definitely worth the wait. We shared a full-sized tea tray and also got individual chicken salad sandwiches. Because it was a cultured and elite tea room, I managed to curb my baser instincts and eat with some semblance of decoram. I couldn't entirely squelch the feeling of panic when someone reached out to snatch another delicacy from the tea tray, though. I did have a moment's debate about whether it would be feasible to jump the waitress as she walked past with a tea try for someone else . . .
The only reason I didn't, is because that would have left my delicious Chicken Salad Sandwich unprotected and exposed to the rest of my family, and my family is not to be trusted.

Don't let those faces fool you.
While we were waiting (forever) for our food, Bompey showed the kids how to properly wear a chapeau.
Breanna, of course, really got into the spirit of fun.

Not so much.
Apparently dinosaurs don't wear hats.

Grammy (Mum), looked stunning in her ensemble of white sweater, black camisole, and handknitted silk scarf.

Since this was Breanna's first time at a tea room, which was a momentous occasion and important rite of passage, I decided to purchase a tea cup especially for her.

We looked through all the many tea cups until we found the perfect one. It was pink (of course) and sized just right for a little girl. Plus, it was only $4, so if (well, when) she breaks it, it won't be too terrible.
She's had it two days, and so far both the sauce and cup are still intact. I'm giving it less than a month.


Ellen said...

What a FUN experience! I love that you got a tea cup to commemorate the event! It's a pretty one too. I hope that it never breaks -- what a fun and special keepsake that would be for her when she gets older if it remains intact. :) Sounds like a really neat place.

Kit-bert: evil HR Director said...

I wish I wasn't working and was able to meet you all at the tea room! Isn't it a delicious place? I'm glad you all had a good time there! I'm hoping to see you BEFORE you head back to frozen tundra land. I had so much fun with you but I'd love to see more of you guys while you're down here...maybe we can work it out?? Hugs and kisses to the babies! xoxo

Nikki said...

Oh how fun!!!!!! We need one of those around here! lol

Danielle said...

Oh this looks like just waaay to much fun :) I've always wanted to go to a tea room, and I love tea cups too. I'd give my daughter a week with one maybe less when you add in the factor of two older brothers lol ;)

Hope you all had wonderful holidays!

TuttleTime said...

I just love your account of the event...and I'm sooo sorry Dad and I ate the only two cucumber sandwiches! :( I guess we should have ordered enough for all 6 of us. I was so hungry by the time the food got there that I could have polished off the entire tray myself! HA...Ah, the memories of Dad in white hat holding out his little pinky as he held a dainty cup is priceless. I also laugh when I think of how he was talking himself through the whole ordeal and the long wait. If we would have gone to the tea room that I always go too, I know we would have had a little better service. Oh least the food was delish! I hope we can meet up this weekend at Opa and Oma's...maybe.

TuttleTime said...
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Bompey said...

What a great time we had! The added bonus was taking the Bompey Bus with the whole group. The wait was forever especially since we were SOOO hungry but it was definitely worth the wait! Amazing how patient and well behaved the little ones were in such a cramped space full of fragile stuff! Come to think of it I'm amazed how patient and well behaved the adults behaved every time a tray of food went by to another table...hehe Dad