Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Weakness for Superheroes

I have this weakness for any sort of sci-fi/fantasy/superhero book or movie. My private wish is to have the superpower of instantly cleaning a room with a single glance, but since that isn't going to happen soon (although I have perfected the art of clearing a room with a single glance), I enjoy watching my fantasies in a movie.

You might be aware of the popular Twilight book series by Stephenie Meyer, which is basically a vampire story loosely based off of the movie 16 Candles (I discovered this after watching 16 Candles last night).
Now, I'm not going to say anything too specific about the books because I don't want any hate mail. Some people like them, some people love them, some people think they're retarded. I did manage to read all the books, and my basic take on them is this: there are interesting portions, separated by very long dreary passages in which the teenage Bella acts like a teenager and obsesses obsessively about the love of her life (oh, sorry "the love of her existence" [quote from the book]), Edward (a.k.a the Vampire so gorgeous he glitters. Literally. Glitters.)

(Anyway, the movie was better than the book in my opinion, because they can only film so much obsessing.)

Here's the actual Twilight trailer (pause music player on the left sidebar first):

. . . and here is a spoof of the trailer that I discovered on YouTube, and I absolutely died of laughter.


Flipfloppingmamma said...

What the big idea??? You can't even compare 16 Candles to Twilight! They are totally different and 16 Candles is WAY BETTER!!!

Nikki said...

I'm with Lynn...I think you'd been hittin' that apple wine when you wrote this cuz it is NOTHING like 16 candles!!!!!!!!!! Funny spoof though ;0)

TuttleTime said...

I haven't seen Twilight...It looked too teenagery for me. :) So, Twilight is about a girl who's family is so busy with her sister's wedding that they forget it's her Sweet 16th birthday?! I can't even imagine how they could fit vampires into all that....I have never ever liked vampire movies, so that's why I have never watched this one. I am glad you liked it, but to me, it just seemed a bit over-rated and appealing to the tween crowd, much like Hanna Montana and the Jonas Brothers.