Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

A week ago the our little family flew down to Georgia to celebrate my Oma and Opa's 60th wedding anniversary with the rest of the extended family.

Up until the last minute, Handyman didn't think he'd be able to come, but thankfully things worked out and he did manage to catch a flight. Because we booked our flights at different times, he flew with Gabe through Air Tran, and Peter and Miss Boo flew with me on another airline.
Peter wasn't so sure about the bumpy-ness of the flight. It was really turbulent, and the poor guy sitting next to Miss Boo was rather green by the time we landed (it was his first time flying.)
My sweet sis Angie picked us up at the airport, and we drove to her house to spend the night.

Gabe was thrilled to be surrounded by so many baby toys. At home, he has to make do with whatever toys the older two leave out. Poor child, even when surrounded by a kid's fantasy playland, he was still fascinated by his sister's shoe, no doubt due to the "toy's" familiarity.
He and his cousin (a.k.a "long-distance-twin") Michelle spent a lot of time comparing toys.
The next day, we drove to the Cateechee golf course where we met up with the rest of our pack to have a rip-roarin' time celebrating. The drinks were good, the jokes were plentiful, the laughs were loud, and by the time we left, the entire service staff had developed a collective nervous tic.


TuttleTime said...

Did you get a chance to read my post about Diva Baby Banna? :) I got a wonderful video of her talking to Bumpy using Gammy's bluetooth. I can't wait to see all the other pictures. I may steal a few of yours to add to the book.