Monday, July 6, 2009

Strawberry Love

A few weeks ago my friend All-Natural Mama and I went on a strawberry binge (thanks to Aldi's fantastic price of $.49/lb). Handyman kindly went to the store for me and unabashedly picked up 28 -

- yes, 28

pounds of strawberries. That's a lot of strawberries.

So, what to do with all this bounty?

Since I've never really done much with strawberries before, I went the route of making about 15 strawberry rhubarb pies and freezing them. (Still had more strawberries left).

Then, I made a batch of strawberry jam/sauce to use for waffles and strawberry shortcakes, which came out to about 10 pints, which went down to about 6 pints when Handyman dropped them down the stairs. (Still had more strawberries left).

Finally, I took all the canned peaches I had left from the previous season, a bag of frozen blackberries from my MiL, and a whopping amount of strawberries and made:

Wow, does this stuff ever taste yummy! I think I canned around 20 pints, and I use it for waffles and pancakes as a syrup, as a topping for ice cream or breakfast oatmeal, and (our favorite) popsicles.
Mmmm, mmmmm. No artificial coloring or corn syrup in this stuff!
(I was at Aldi yesterday and noticed that their strawberries are again only $.49 a pound, so if you want some, you'd better get your patootie down there pronto!)


Ellen said...

I am one of the lucky recipients of the pie and the sauce and can say unabashedly that it really is super yummy!

Too Little Time said...

Hey Girl :) --- I'm impressed by all your strawberry-ness. Wish I had the time myself, but not this year.

Happy Summer! And if you get the chance (cheep) - blueberry jam is one of my kids favorites!

TuttleTime said...

Strawberry jam, strawberry jam...your sister wants some strawberry jam! :) Just plain old strawberry jam is delish on biscuits. One of these days I am going to try my hand at making jam. Mike's mom and sister do every year and it's wonderful.

All Natural Mama said...

AAuuuuughhh! He dropped them down the stairs and broke the jars??!! After all that work. I would have done a bit of freaking out.
Triple berry sauce looks yummy, too.

Ellen said...

I was just thinking about the mess that little "drop" would have created..... *yikes*

All of your strawberry creations look and sound heavenly. We generally get about 30 quarts every summer, ... but not sure how many lbs that translates into? LOL.

The popsicles are something that I have never thought to make.... guess what I'll be trying this summer?! ;)

I miss having Aldi's to shop at!!