Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Monastic Life

We sometimes tease my Oma and Opa that they live in a monastery, largely because it's so quiet and peaceful at their house. From the solitude of the reclining chairs, you can feel the house hibernating around you and if you're not careful, your brain will switch to auto-pilot and the next thing you know it's a month later and you're still sitting in the reclining chair wondering if it's time for a cup of tea and some chocolate. Let me assure you, it's wonderful.
Anyway, Oma and Opa live on a beautiful lake in Georgia, and for the short time that we were there, we transformed the monastery into a nut house.

I think Oma and Opa liked it though.

At least, I'm sure they'll come around to liking it once their nervous twitching stops and they no longer hear crashing and banging sounds coming from the kitchen.

Of course we had to go to the Teeny Weenie, so named because it's a Teeny Weenie little beach.

Sheesh. Critics.(No, I'm not hung over or going for the vamp look. That's just mascara bleeding from my eye lids. When you're on vacation personal hygiene isn't all that important, especially when you're vacationing with family who've seen you at your worst anyway.)

My Oma and my dad are both closet pyromaniacs, and when they get together, they build fantastic fires and combined create a horrible disease -Melanoma (because my dad's name is Mel. Feel free to groan now.)

This little man is uninhibited by social mores. Nice and breezy, he is. I'd show you a cute butt shot nicely outlined by sandpaste, but unfortunately it's a little too "photogenic" for online use.
Woo-hoo, isn't my Oma a hottie? Watch out there, she's still got the stuff!

As I was looking at this photo, it suddenly occurred to me where Miss Boo gets her snarkyness from.
And of course Peter was well-named after my Opa, another Peter. It's amazing the level of identical disgust on their faces. They must be looking at Breanna.

JUST KIDDING!! I have no idea why they're both grimacing like that.

Whatever the reason, it couldn't have lasted for long, because we were just having way to much fun for frowns!


Ellen said...

You're in trouble deep up to your eyebrows comparing me to miss snark...

TuttleTime said...

Finally! I've been waiting for a nice new blog post...I LOVE the adorable picture of Baby Gaby in the buffness! So cute. Josh has a similar naky pic at the Teeny, too!

I am picking up the CD from OpandOma's (look a new word! Ha!) anniversary tomorrow. As soon as I get it, I will blog, make CD's for everyone, and the picture book. I've been delayed, because I just got back from Florida and work is nuts. Anyway, glad you all had fun. Hope to see you at the end of the month.

Just thoughts and questions said...

Always so much fun to read your blog and w/B Holiday in the background!...just a good time. The kids look great. What a precious vacation with your parents. You as industrious as ever!. Big hug. Mahalo.B

Ellen said...

Oh my, Rachel,.... you are too funny. I loved this post! What a neat family you have and you're making so many wonderful memories! Loved all the pics and hearing about your fun! :)