Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mummies and Mommy

Peter has been learning about ancient Egypt for his history lessons lately, so we decided to "re-create" some ancient Egyptian burial techniques.

(No, I did NOT decided to embalm one of my children. I did consider wrapping them tightly in sheets and going out for a cup of coffee, though.)

We made a big pyramid out of blocks!
I showed him how a pyramid was a series of smaller and smaller squares built upon each layer beneath, which added to the overall strength of the structure. (His eyes started to glaze over about three syllables into that part of the process.)
Every pyramid needs a mummy king, so Peter found a suitably wrinkled pirate that was willing to impersonate a Pharaoh. The Pharoah needed his retinue of wealth, of course, so armor and a ship were also entombed with the unlucky pirate/Pharaoh.

History in action!


Rachel said...

That's awesome! You totally fooled me about the size of those Legos...I thought they were the little ones until he was in the picture too!

Ellen said...

I'm surprised he didn't think to put Miss Boo in the pyramid...