Monday, June 28, 2010

A Very Berry Business

I just love summer, when the days are hot and comforting and the garden starts producing buckets of yummy fresh goodness.
Right now we're in the throes of berry-picking season. I collected a few easy cups of mulberries from my in-laws mulberry tree and made a cobbler and pie with the gleanings. I've discovered that mulberries are one of my favorite fruits for several reasons; the seeds are small and don't get stuck in the teeth like blackberries and raspberries do, and the fruits aren't as tart as blackberries either.

To pick the fruit, just place an old sheet (preferably one that you don't mind gets horribly stained) under the unsuspecting mulberry tree. Then, employing any children you might have nearby, shake the limbs (of the tree, not the children) until a veritable rain of mulberries plops onto the sheet. Pick up the four corners of the sheet, shuffle it gently to another section of the tree, and continue until the mulberry tree is denuded of berry goodness.

I was surprised how many berries I gathered in such a short time, as well as how little debris I had to pick out of the pile. The mulberry season is almost over, unfortunately, but next year I'm going to go armed with a sheet to every mulberry tree in town!


All Natural Mama said...

THANKS for the sheet-laying tip. The boys & I were picking some at the farm, but seriously it's such a long tedious process. They were standing on top of the van and they MAY have gotten 1 cup of berries (then again, Evan probably ate 2 cups while picking, lol).
Now that we know, we can dig out an old sheet and get to it!

Flipfloppingmamma said...

We have a HUGE mulberry tree in our yard. I didn't pick any though. Mulberry chicken poop is not great though.

TuttleTime said...

cool...I can't say that I've ever had mulberry anything.