Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Where the Magic Happens

Some day, when I'm rich and famous and have a house with two working bathrooms, I will also have a lovely craft room in which I can create marvelous works of artistic beauty that will dazzle the senses.

I might mention that this will also magically coincide with my ability to keep the house spotlessly clean.

One can dream.

Anyway, for now, this is my craft room, where for a few precious moments a week I closet myself away from the rest of the house (and household). As you can see, it's also my laundry room and mudroom, so a lot of excess debris gets trapped in my tiny space. Handyman's 9 pairs of size 11 shoes takes up a good percentage of the space, much to my annoyance.
In Handyman's defense, however, he has tried to make the room as user friendly and space efficient as possible. He hung up several rows of shelves, on which I've managed to cram quite a lot of crafting possibilities.
To save table space, I glued the lids of these jars to the underside of the shelf. When I want something from the jar, I just twist it, and the glass part comes free. I can see what's in it, but it's not in my way.

These little storage boxes were one of my favorite ideas. Walmart and Dollar Tree sells these little pencil holders for 3/$1. I just put two screws in for each box, and hung them on the wall. Again, it's nice to have things where I can easily see them, but aren't on my small table.
My Mum picked this up for me at Bed Bath and Beyond. It's a jewelry organizer, but I use it for ribbon and trimming, since it's not easy to keep those things organized yet visible.
One good thing about such a small space is that it forces me to focus on one project at a time. I can't work on both scrapbooking and sewing, since that would quickly overwhelm what little space I have. I have to finish what I'm working on so that I can put it away and get out something new.

At least, that's what I tell myself.


TuttleTime said...

I love it...I have a little closet crammed, too. It's small but I create BIG things in there. Glad you found your closet!!!