Friday, March 9, 2012

Cardigan for Miss Boo

This is a fuzzy faux mohair cardigan I knitted up for Miss Boo. 
(She's such a ham!)

I used a simple raglan pattern that I used to knit a pullover for Gabe (which, come to think of it, I've never blogged for some reason), but this time I kept the placket down the front instead of closing it to make a pullover.

I wanted the cardigan to have a bit of a 50's feel, so I didn't do any decreasing on the sleeves, and did a drastic decrease around the ribbing at the cuff.

I found some printable fabric paper and made up a little tag to sew into the inside collar. 

For the buttons, I decided to go with something very simple (and cheap!).

Finally, I sewed two velvet ribbons onto the front collar so that they could be tied in a bow.

The yarn was a real pain to knit with because the frizzy mohair kept snagging on the needles, but I love the finished result!

Yarn: Patons Lacette, held double
Ravelry link here