Sunday, April 22, 2012

Here. Finally.

Well, after taking her time, our little Ella finally decided to make her grand appearance.

If you follow me on Facebook, you'll know that last Sunday, after having gone several days overdue, I posted, "Maybe, just maybe, I'll have something to report by tomorrow . . ." which turned out to be a bit presumptive.

My contractions (which were real, not Braxton-Hicks, this is my fourth child, after all) began 10 minutes apart at 8:30 PM, and stayed that way consistently until 6:30 Monday morning, when they abruptly stopped.


On Monday afternoon, they began again, also 10 minutes apart, and stayed that way all night until Tuesday morning hit, when they stopped.


AGAIN.  (Please note that in this particular instance, the use of all capital letters denotes much frustration, plenty of hysterical crying, and internal swearing.)

It should perhaps be mentioned at this point (because I know some of you are dying to start listing remedies for inducing labor) that, yes, I did try them all.  All of them.  I think the Castor Oil was the worst.  It was a lot like I imaging drinking snot to be, and I think probably tastes about the same.  The side affect was several hours spent on the toilet and an eventual result of squeaky clean intestines and an extremely sore backside.

By 11:00 things were speeding up to the explosive pace of contractions 8 minutes apart (insert heavy dose of sarcasm) and a cervix dilation of 5.  My midwives, who should be nominated for sainthood for their patience, tried to encourage me with the thought that I was at the halfway point, to which I think I wailed, "I can't do another three days of this!!!!!"

Thankfully, my body started to cooperate and by 6:00 Ella was reluctantly coerced to come out. 

(Sometime soon I'll have to take a picture of her toes, which are ridiculously long.  I have a suspicion that they are prehensile and that she had them wrapped around my ribs to keep from getting pushed out of my womb.)

I know some of you will want to know how long I had to push.  (I figure that those of you who don't want to know have already passed over this post anyway).  I only pushed for 30 minutes, but since I don't have an urge to push with my labors, it was a very, VERY long 30 minutes.  Pushing out something the size of a football through a hole the size of, um, well, you know, when there is nothing but desperation and sheer force of will to make you do it has to be the bravest thing I'll ever do.

 It's very tiring work, to say the least.

 So, our little Ella Diane was born weighing 9 pounds 12 ounces.

(Excuse me while I clutch my nether regions in remembered pain.)

She was 21.5 inches long, which considering her size, isn't that long, so she looked nice and chunky right from the beginning.

Today I took these pictures of her wearing an outfit I knit for her before and during labor.  She's 5 days old, and I cannot imagine how she ever fit in my stomach.

 No wonder my lower back has been hurting for the past several months.

My Mum flew up on Tuesday morning just in time to be there shortly after Ella arrived.  I have a sneaky suspicion my daughter was just waiting for her namesake.

 It's just a suspicion, mind you.  I have no proof as of yet.