Sunday, April 15, 2012

Professor Pete's Pullover

For some reason taking inventory of the kids' clothes and putting away their winter things always puts me in the mood to knit sweaters for them for the coming winter. 

It's a bit like hoarding, with a knitterly twist.

I prefer to think of it as "moving my yarn from one place in the attic to another" (now in the form of clothing.)

This is a pullover I'm in the process of designing.  My first attempt came out okay, but the yarn I chose (Caron Simply Soft) was just awful, and it pilled beyond repair the first time I washed it.  Since this is a pullover meant for my son, who is terrifically hard on clothing but exceptionally picky, I needed a yarn that would feel like a favorite sweat shirt and last like cast iron.

The cable pattern is one of my favorites, and there's just enough in there to add some interest for the knitter, but not too much that this pullover would take an eternity to knit.

I used a bit of burnt orange yarn for the trim around the neck, sleeves, and bottom ribbing, and I like the way it dresses up the pullover so it doesn't look like gray elephant skin.

On the sleeves I used the simple twisted cable and twisted stitch edging from the sides of the main cable chart that is worked up the center of the pullover section.

I always have a tendency to knit things too big for Peter (like the last sweater I made him) but thankfully he seems to grow like a weed so I'm hoping it will fit by next winter.  (No, the pullover is not supposed to look like he has on 80's shoulder pads.  It's just the way the sleeves are bunching because they're too long and the shoulders are too wide for him.)

Nice and warm and ready to be worn!

Ravelry information here.