Saturday, September 1, 2012

(mini) Scamper


So, my idea with this gorgeous Scamper and Friends fabric was to make matching dresses for the girls, but that idea unfortunately didn't work the way I had hoped. 

One of the perils of not following a pattern and "winging-it" is that sometimes (very often, in my case) it may not fit the intended recipient.

I wasn't paying attention when I cut out the fabric for this peasant dress and I made it far too small for Ella.   She's only 4 months old but she is long and has a big head, something that she inherited from Handyman (snigger snigger), and is currently in a 6-9 month clothing range.  This dress is in the 0-3 month range.

I couldn't decide what sort of embellishment to add to the front (I probably could have left it bare, but it just seemed to need something), so I made a long "ribbon" from the gray fabric and sewed it onto the center so that it could be tied in a bow.

The fabric is some extra sheeting fabric from my stash.  I'm trying to use up the fabric that's been languishing in there for decades awhile.  If I had purchased fabric to accent the Scamper print I would have gotten something in the orange category, but oh well, I was working with what I had on hand.

 I think perhaps I'll try to sell the dress.  It seems like the perfect fall outfit, don't you think?  Know anyone who might be interested?  It would make a lovely baby gift! 


Anonymous said...

it's adorable, good job

Anonymous said...

Rachel it's soo cute!! I'm all for a blue dress. ; ) Too bad my baby girl is also too hefty. If you can't sell it, you can always save it for a gift. It's just beautiful.

Andrea @ said...

Just adorable!

TuttleTime said...

Adorable fabric. I love this.