Monday, September 3, 2012


When the kids and I were visiting my family in Michigan, I had the chance to go shopping (ALONE!!! SKIP SKIP JOY JOY!) at a fabric store that had a closing sale.  I got several cute fabrics to sew things for the girls (poor boys, there just isn't much out there for them).

I had such high hopes for this fabric.  It has such wonderful colors (very Dutch) and looked so vintage.

I had some yellow gingham fabric in my stash that I thought would make the perfect trim, but unfortunately, I fell victim to my usual designing problem, knowing when to stop

Oh no, trim wasn't enough. I had to add rickrack. 

And white lace.

 And more white lace.  LOTS of lace.

I think if I'd just stopped with the yellow trim it would have been fine.  Unfortunately, I didn't, and even the adorable baby inside the dress isn't enough to save this fashion disaster.

"I think you're clearly underestimating my cuteness power, Mom".

"On the other hand, this is a rather appalling thing to have to wear . . . "


Acornbud said...

Haha, it's unique, yes it is! And the cute baby looks very cute in it:)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness she's smiling!! I can't get over how much she looks like B and G now. You had me cracking up when you got to rickrack. Too funny. Too too funny. She is adorable.

Renee Living Laughing Loving said...

She is adorable!!!

TuttleTime said... mee...I love this. It's chaotic, crazy, and colorful. With an adorable...ADORABLE...little sweetness inside it..who cares that the dress looks extremely Dutch-Portagee! LOL :)