Monday, July 1, 2013


The four kids and I embarked on the first leg of our summer trip, which started with a half-day's drive to Indianapolis to spend the night with my brother-in-law Mike and his lovely wife Amanda.
(And no, that's not Indianapolis in the background!)

Thankfully it went very well.  We had lovely (if overcast) weather and the kids were very good and we made excellent time.  In fact, we arrived in Indianapolis early enough to spend a few hours at the amazing Children's Museum with Amanda and the twins she babysits.

It was so awesome!  I've never been to such a cool museum, and after being in the car for so long the kids were more than ready to run and play their hearts out.

Tomorrow we have a longer trip and will hopefully be in Maryland to see my brother Joshy!


Holley said...

This is fantastic!