Saturday, August 24, 2013

In the Smokies

I love the Smokies.  When I was a kid, we moved around a lot, but one thing that always stayed the same was our summertime camping trips to the Great Smokey Mountains.

After our trip to the beach, we repacked the camper and headed to the Mountains for the last part of our summer vacation.

Ella was doing really well, and Grammy (and Justin Bieber) got her to eat lots and lots of food.

We had the most perfect camping site imagineable.  It was right next to the creek, but on a little off-shoot of it.

After all the rain the South has had, the usually placid creek was roaring high and angry, and was far, far too dangerous for the kids to play near.  Thankfully the little off-shoot was perfect for little explorers.

My nephew Caleb came along with us, for which I was so very glad.  I don't get to spend much time with my niece and nephew, so getting one-on-one time like this was so special.
 (I do have to wonder about his sanity though.  "Let's go tubing down the creek. 
It's easy; lots of fun, you'll love it" he says.
He liiiiiieeeeeed.)

The weather was perfect.  Despite the initial downpour during the camp set-up, we had cool temperatures and dry days.

When we had the occasional downpour, we all gathered in the Big Top and played games.  We had a good laugh at the way my Mum decided to open the Jenga box with a pair of pliers (or was it box cutters?)

Our family had two major milestones.

Gabe lost his first tooth.

(Which apparently hadn't been brushed in, well, ever.  Ewwwww)

Ella took her first steps.

The Smokies are one of the most beautiful places you can imagine.