Thursday, September 19, 2013


While we were camping in the Great Smokey Mountains, we spent one day at our favorite amusement park, Dollywood.

Miss Boo was especially excited.  That child has absolutely no fear, and the last time we were there she wasn't tall enough to go on any of the "scary" rides.

This year, her enthusiasm for danger knew no bounds.  She even persuaded her Grampy to take her on a ride that nearly gave him a heart attack.

(Grampy is the biggest kid of all.)

Even Ella got to go on some rides.  I had a bit of a teary moment when I was steadying her on the carousel horse.  It was only a month before that she was in the hospital and we were facing the possibility of her having a bone marrow disease.

We are truly blessed!


Ellen said...

I love that picture of Caleb sticking out his tongue. Very funny. What a great time we had!