Saturday, September 21, 2013

Camp Parma

 Our last stop on our month-long vacation was my Aunt and Uncle's house, which we call "Camp Parma".
(No further explanation necessary)

My cousins Andrea and Niko were there, along with their kids.  This was a treat for my own brood, because they love getting together with their second cousins.

This made for a lot of diapers to burn.  I think I saw Uncle Paul donning a Hazmat suit . . .

Don't let that fool you though.  My Uncle Paul is the biggest kid of the lot.
Auntie Erna was so kind to keep an eye on the kids for me so I could sneak away to do some sketching.  I've never tried to draw before, but when I was at the Smithsonian I saw a beautiful book about how to draw botanical pictures, and I purchased it.  I'm not necessarily that good, but I did find it oddly absorbing.  Uncle Gary even joined me in Aunt Sue's beautiful garden to do some sketching!

 What a lovely way to finish up our trip!