Sunday, October 7, 2007

Fall's In the Air

Well, Fall is supposed to be here, but the weather certainly hasn't felt like it. We've had 90 degree temperatures here! I packed up all my summer clothes, expecting the usually chilly, rainy weather, and now we have a heat wave. Figures.

On the other hand, the colors are simply gorgeous right now. Last year, just when the trees started to change their clothes, we got a terrible windstorm that totally embarrassed the trees by making them go bare sooner than expected. But this year . . . Ahhhhh . . . .

I think Fall is my favorite weather. I used to like Spring, until I moved to the Frigid North where Spring doesn't really come. We just go straight from Bitter Cold to Everything's-Green-and-Summer-is-Here. Anyway, the knitter in me and the Hawaiian in me perfectly agree with Fall. The knitter is happy that temperatures are conducive to showing off hand-knitted garments, and the Hawaiian in me is delighted that Dreaded Winter isn't here yet. Perfect Harmony.

Speaking of knitting, yes, I do have knitting to show you! Are you surprised? No? (Disgruntled "ha-rumph") . This is the Easy Flame Lace Scarf that I'm test knitting for Plucky Knitter. I just love the merino yarn she dyed up (you should check out her etsy shop - she's got the most lovely colors and all sorts of yarns!). This scarf was knitted with lace weight yarn, so it's perfect for light-jacket weather. I don't think I'd actually knit this for myself (I'm too impatient to put up with lace weight. I want something FAST FAST FAST!), but I can still appreciate it for others! Anyway, it's done and now just needs to be blocked, and off it goes to it's new owner!

Scarf No. 2 is for my ISE5 pal. I sincerely hope she likes it! It's my own pattern, and I'm using Plymouth Royal Bamboo yarn (yuuuuuuummmm!). I'm doing it exactly the same as last time, but with the addition of beads. I'm so pleased with how well the beads slid onto the yarn this is my first time knitting with beads). I was a little nervous that they'd be too small, or wouldn't fit quite right.

The only thing I'm unsure of is the yarn color itself. I'm not loving it. I wanted a true teal, but this is looking more of a sickly blue/teal color. What do you think? Should I try over-dyeing it for a nicer color, or am I just being finicky? I'm pretty sure bamboo yarn can be re-dyed . . . . but perhaps I should leave well enough alone.

Well, that's all I'm working on right now! (We won't talk about the Bee Fields and Hourglass Sweater. They're on hold, and I'm trying to ignore them staring at me every time I walk by my knitting bag . . .)